Marketing Art with Facebook Ads – Part II: Crafting Your Campaign

How to use Facebook ads

Welcome to Part 2 of Marketing Your Art With Facebook Ads, a 3-part study on how to create a Facebook advertising campaign.

In Part 1 of this series, we examined 3 different Objectives to consider when placing paid advertisements on Facebook.

Once you have determined what you want your audience to do when they encounter your ad, it’s time to craft your campaign. Unlike many advertising vehicles, which rely on the “spray and pray” technique, Facebook has made it very easy to target a super-specific audience with your ad campaign. Continue reading

Marketing Your Art with Facebook Ads – Part I: Objectives

Marketing Art with Facebook Ads

I’ve wanted to try Facebook Ads for a long time but have never had the right reason to do so. I could have experimented with advertising the marketing consulting business I’ve been running the past few years, but Facebook was not the right tool to reach my buying audience. So I waited.

However, when I recently published my art marketing book Death To The Starving Artist, it was a no-brainer to use FB ads to drive targeted traffic to my book’s website. I started with a 3 week ad campaign, and it was a great experiment that taught me a ton of great lessons and insights. Continue reading