Marketing Your Art with Facebook Ads – Part I: Objectives

Marketing Art with Facebook Ads

I’ve wanted to try Facebook Ads for a long time but have never had the right reason to do so. I could have experimented with advertising the marketing consulting business I’ve been running the past few years, but Facebook was not the right tool to reach my buying audience. So I waited.

However, when I recently published my art marketing book Death To The Starving Artist, it was a no-brainer to use FB ads to drive targeted traffic to my book’s website. I started with a 3 week ad campaign, and it was a great experiment that taught me a ton of great lessons and insights. Continue reading

Stocking Local Venues with Art Marketing Books

"Death to the Starving Artist" by author Nikolas Allen Mt. Shasta, CAHot Off The Press: “Death To The Starving Artist” by author Nikolas Allen

A fresh batch of art marketing books arrived on my doorstep last week, and I immediately concocted a list of nearby venues that would be interested in carrying books by local authors.

Since my book, Death To The Starving Artist – Art Marketing Strategies For A Killer Creative Career is written specifically for artists rather than general readers, I wanted to target alternative venues such as art spaces, galleries and gift stores in addition to traditional bookstores. Continue reading

Trying to Make #Hashtags Happen

The Cast of Mean Girls

In the movie, “Mean Girls,” one of the characters is trying to get her new slang word, “fetch,” to catch on among her peers as a replacement for “awesome.” She fully commits to dropping her new term at every opportunity, until one of her friends finally snaps, “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen! It’s not going to happen!”

I was reminded of this scene while reading the latest issue of GQ magazine and seeing over half a dozen print ads that include hashtags–to various degrees of prominence–that each brand is trying to “make happen.” Continue reading

Communicating Is Caring

Vintage Typewriter

It’s not easy for me to find a good hair stylist. While most guys aren’t too picky about who cuts their hair, I demand a super-hip razor-shag cut befitting of a rock star. That’s just the way I roll.

Now, in a big city, I could walk into any salon and find a stylist who gives good rock star, but I’m in a small town where salons and mad hipster steelo are mutually exclusive. Just about two years ago, I did manage to find a stylist who knew her way around a razor and, while her cuts were inconsistent, they were more than acceptable. Continue reading

Is Social Media Really Meant for Business?

Social Media for Business

By definition, social media is a tool used to socialize. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram allow people to connect, comment and share with friends, colleagues and acquaintances and interact online despite geographical boundaries.

Quite frankly, the majority of the people who are using these social media platforms daily are NOT there to discuss business (LinkedIn would be the exception to this rule). Creative Entrepreneurs must keep this in mind if they decide to implement these platforms in their marketing strategies. After all, you don’t want to come off as a used-car salesman crashing a cocktail party. Continue reading

4 Lessons Learned from a Failed Business Venture

Lessons Learned from Failure

Several years ago, I attempted to launch a line of graphic apparel that never quite took off. I was trying to reach a national audience, so I put all my eggs in the online marketing basket. When things stalled out, I ended up revamping my concept.

After several more tweaks, more time and more learning, I ended up with a business concept that finally felt solid. To my surprise, it was completely different than the idea I started out with. It’s a different offering aimed at a different audience for a different purpose. Continue reading