Nikolas Allen Interviewed by AuthorRise

interview with author nikolas allen

The business of being an author is tough and AuthorRise is here to help. They offer a set of tools for authors that connects social marketing outreach to results and uses data to help determine what sells books and what doesn’t.

I was interviewed for their blog and they asked seven great questions about writing, reading, marketing and self-publishing. Here’s how the conversation went: Continue reading

A Lesson in Transparency from the Red Hot Chili Peppers


Did you watch the 2014 Super Bowl? I did. Not because I’m a huge football fan. In fact, I didn’t watch any of the games leading up the the Big Event. I watched because I’m an Ad Geek.

I’ve enjoyed a 20-year career in advertising, a field in which it’s practically mandatory to keep tabs on which agencies are concocting the best creative concepts and which brands are willing to shell out $4 million to land a 30-second spot during the game. Continue reading

6 E-commerce Solutions to Supercharge Your Online Sales

Super Charged Ecommerce

If you have not yet embraced online selling for your art business, analyzing recent holiday-spending trends will demonstrate the importance of e-commerce. The 2013 shopping season officially kicked off with the one-two punch of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (I’m omitting the maniacal, stampeding-crowd chaos of Black Friday on purpose), and in 2013 online spending reached a record high.

“This year, Cyber Monday marked a shift in shopping preferences,” reported USA Today, “as smartphones and tablets drove nearly a third of the overall traffic.” Continue reading

How to Write a Press Release That Gets You Ink

"Extra! Extra!" by Nikolas Allen

Despite what the tech pundits will have you believe, there is still a place for traditional media in your art marketing arsenal. When you need a potent device for bringing your message offline and putting it on the doorstep of your community, look no further than the press release.

Unlike social media, upon which you can publish anything you want, getting coverage in traditional media has to be earned. That means you must know how to write a press release that is well-written, newsworthy and of interest to the community of readers. Continue reading

Art Marketing Book Inspires Artist to Leave Co-Op

Nikolas Allen with Janet Curti Haines

Back on September 27, I had a book signing for my new art marketing book, Death To The Starving Artist, during Mt. Shasta’s 4th Friday Art Walk.

One of the artists who purchased my book was Janet Curti-Haines (above right), a wonderful abstract artist who creates unique and texturally exciting creations using unusual found items such as discarded roofing tarpaper, and thick layers of paint that have peeled away from a popular grafitti-covered bridge. Continue reading

Effective Art Marketing is Not About You

Not About You

When marketing your art, it’s tempting to put the focus solely on you: “Check out my art, my show, my newsletter, my Facebook page.” However, to enjoy exponentially more effective art marketing, you need to understand this fundamental marketing truth: It’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM.

That means every marketing message you send must answer the question residing in the minds of your audience at all times: “What’s in it for me?” Continue reading

Overcoming Your Fear of the Mind Monster

Monster Under Bed by John Stiles

You’ve probably heard about the blockbusting book Fifty Shades of Grey. It was propelled into the stratosphere of popular culture last year when a billion bored housewives realized they were being underserved in the pedestrian, soft-core, mommy-porn-lit market.

Naturally, some Big Brain Hollywood execs thought, “This would make a great movie! Like ‘Twilight’ for Soccer Moms. Only less sun-sparkles and more bondage!” And, just like that, they fired up the Movie Machine and set out for Cash Cow Adaptation Land. Continue reading

Marketing Art with Facebook Ads – Part III: Measuring Your Results

Facebook Advertising Pt. 3

Welcome to Part 3 of Marketing Your Art With Facebook Ads, a 3-part study on how to promote your art using Facebook ads.

In Part 1 of this series, we outlined 3 different objectives to consider when placing paid advertisements on Facebook.

In Part 2 of this series, we explained how to create your ad, target your audience and set your budget.

Part 3 is all about measurement. After all, when it comes to any advertising, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t if you don’t measure your results. Continue reading

Marketing Art with Facebook Ads – Part II: Crafting Your Campaign

How to use Facebook ads

Welcome to Part 2 of Marketing Your Art With Facebook Ads, a 3-part study on how to create a Facebook advertising campaign.

In Part 1 of this series, we examined 3 different Objectives to consider when placing paid advertisements on Facebook.

Once you have determined what you want your audience to do when they encounter your ad, it’s time to craft your campaign. Unlike many advertising vehicles, which rely on the “spray and pray” technique, Facebook has made it very easy to target a super-specific audience with your ad campaign. Continue reading

Art Marketing Book Signing Event a Sweet Success

Nikolas Allen with Kathleen Hansen

On September 27th, I teamed up with Village Books for a book signing event that took place in downtown Mt. Shasta during 4th Friday Art Walk.

I brought a fat stack of art marketing books, a handful of day-glow sharpies, a pink life-size skull, a stack of email signup forms and one sexy carnival barker for a superfun night of connecting with the creative community. Continue reading