Art Marketing Book Signing Event a Sweet Success

Nikolas Allen with Kathleen Hansen

On September 27th, I teamed up with Village Books for a book signing event that took place in downtown Mt. Shasta during 4th Friday Art Walk.

I brought a fat stack of art marketing books, a handful of day-glow sharpies, a pink life-size skull, a stack of email signup forms and one sexy carnival barker for a superfun night of connecting with the creative community.

Artist Brenda Woods at Village Books

Out front, my partner in creative crime, Brenda Woods drew in spectators like a stylish carnie with lurid promises of what awaits just inside these doors.

Sam Baxter with author Nikolas Allen

Sam Baxter bought a copy of the book and requested that I sign it to “My new best friend Sam!” Since he was my first customer of the night – and a super fun & friendly guy – I was more than happy to oblige!

Susie Robison with Nikolas Allen

I held a drawing for a free 1-hour art marketing strategy session, which was won by textile artist Susie Robison, seen above filling out her entry form. Congratulations, Susie!

Sharon LoMonaco with Nikolas Allen

Assistant Director of Liberty Arts Gallery, Sharon LoMonaco, was all hunkered for a night indoors when her cell phone alert chimed with a reminder about the book signing. She got dressed and drove across town to get a signature on a copy she already owned. Glad you made it Sharon, thanks for your support!

Debra Punt, Nikolas Allen and Paula Reynolds

As we wrapped up the signing, Debra Punt (L), Owner of Alpine Originals, and Paula Reynolds (R), Executive Director of the Siskiyou Arts Council, came by for a chat.

Barbara Eastman, Nikolas Allen and Cynthia Henderson

Done with my duties, I was able to shmooze customers Barbara Eastman (L) and Cynthia Lynn Henderson (R) outside before heading up the street to enjoy the other galleries participating in the art walk.

NOTE TO ARTISTS: “Within five minutes of leaving the bookstore, I ran into a woman who had heard about the book signing but missed it. I had a few copies with me, and I told her I could ring her up if she had a credit card. She did, so I pulled out my iPhone and trusty Square credit card swiper and – KaChing! – made a credit card sale on the go. Artists, if you do any remote selling, Square is an essential tool in your kit! The easier you make it for your customers to buy, the more art you will sell.”

Artist Brenda Woods

I ended the night a the Mountain Arts Co-Op (MAC), where brand new member Brenda Woods (above) had some art on display. Ain’t she a trooper? She’s got her own show going on and she’s down the street helping me sell books!

Linda Vivas and Nikolas Allen

I was chatting with artists Linda Vivas (above) and Janet Curti-Haines (below), both members of MAC and, when they spotted the last two copies of “Death To The Starving Artist” in my hands, they each rounded up their purses and cleaned out the last of my book bounty.

Nikolas Allen with Janet Curti-Haines

I had an amazing time visiting and talking with friends, both new and old. I love hearing about the different challenges, successes and frustrations that artists are experiencing, and I’m proud of each of them for investing time, resources and effort into the betterment of their creative career.

With “Death To The Starving Artist–Art Marketing Strategies for a Killer Creative Career,” my primary objective is to inspire, educate and encourage ambitious artists as they pursue their individual dreams of success.

Good luck all, and thank you for sharing your delightful energy with me at Village Books!

Takeaway Marketing Tips for Artists:

  • Become an active member in your community
  • Put on relevant events
  • Align your events with symbiotic or existing events
  • Hold drawings or contests to add value and build your mailing list
  • Know your intended audience and reach them where they are
  • Be able to accept credit cards

Marketing Tools Used to Promote Book Signing:

  • 2 Press Releases (1 two weeks before event + 1 follow-up the week of the event)
  • Facebook Event
  • Social Media Posts (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Social Activity on Facebook Pages of Art Walk, Village Books, and Nikolas Allen
  • Word Of Mouth and Personal Invites

Art Marketing Book Author Nikolas Allen Nikolas Allen is a Contemporary Pop Artist with a background in advertising, music and video production. He is passionate about art and marketing and wrote his first book, “Death To The Starving Artist – Art Marketing Strategies for a Killer Creative Career” to help ambitious artists reach a wider audience.

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