Art Marketing Book Inspires Artist to Leave Co-Op

Nikolas Allen with Janet Curti Haines

Back on September 27, I had a book signing for my new art marketing book, Death To The Starving Artist, during Mt. Shasta’s 4th Friday Art Walk.

One of the artists who purchased my book was Janet Curti-Haines (above right), a wonderful abstract artist who creates unique and texturally exciting creations using unusual found items such as discarded roofing tarpaper, and thick layers of paint that have peeled away from a popular grafitti-covered bridge.


“Drawing Stick Talisman” Janet Curti-Haines

Roughly one month after purchasing the book, Curti-Haines resigned from an artists co-op she had been with for over four years.

Coincidentally, in my book, I talk about the pros and cons of joining an artist co-op and even mention the very one Curti-Haines belonged to, Mountain Arts Co-op, in one of my examples.

Here is a copy of the resignation letter that Curti-Haines submitted to her fellow co-op members:

“Our co-op is fortunate to have [new gallery director] Jessah with us – with her many wonderful ideas and the vast improvements she has already made to the gallery. Before we know it we can expect to have an orderly, smoothly running gallery! Nevertheless, after 4-1/2 years with the co-op it is time for me to change focus. I will be leaving effective Nov. 17. Reading Nikolas Allen’s book Death to the Starving Artist played a big part in my decision. Wishing you a supportive, cooperative co-op.” – Janet

Red Series I

“Red Series I” Janet Curti-Haines

When I heard this news, I was thrilled. My excitement had nothing to do with Mountain Arts Co-op – or any co-op for that matter – being “good” or “bad,” but rather that an artist who had read my book was inspired to make a bold decision, take charge of her career path, and make changes where she felt they were necessary.

Curious to hear a more specific explanation of how the book affected her decision, I reached out to Janet and this is what she had to say:

“Nikolas! Your Death to the Starving Artist is thorough and full of advice and answers to most questions any artist may ask. Your book reminded me to review my goals and my means for attaining them…and your advice about associations and artist co-ops rang true (both the positive and negative aspects). I mentioned your book to our co-op members [in my resignation letter] because I found it valuable (and thought that a little free advertising wouldn’t hurt a bit). Many thanks, Nikolas, and be sure to keep writing!” – Janet

To me, this scenario exemplifies the ultimate reason I wrote Death To The Starving Artist: to educate, encourage and inspire ambitious artists to take charge of their careers, create their own version of success, and charge headlong towards their dreams.

Hopefully, this is just one of many positive, bold, career-altering incidents that will arise from artists reading this book. The question is, what bold choices will Death To The Starving Artist inspire YOU to make?

Art Marketing Book Author Nikolas AllenNikolas Allen is a Contemporary Pop Artist with a background in advertising, music and video production. He is passionate about art and marketing and wrote his first book, “Death To The Starving Artist – Art Marketing Strategies for a Killer Creative Career” to help ambitious artists reach a wider audience.

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